Combi Oven

Model: SCCWE101
Dimension: 845 x 770 x 1042 mm
Capacity: 80-150 meals per day
Ideal for automatic cooking.
An intelligent system for optimizing mixed loads in production and in à la carte service.
Fully automatic cleaning and care system.
Hot-air steamer conforming to most of the cooking methods.

Model: FlexiCombi 10.1 Gas
Dimension: 1020 x 799 x 1060 mm
Capacity: 8 x baking size
Automatic operating programme.
10 different cooking categories.
Cooking processes are included in autoChef. A total of more than 350 memory spaces.

Model: CTP7-20
Dimension: 961 x 1111 x 1173mm
Capacity: 8 x Full size sheet pans
Powerful and Ideal for high-production kitchens.