Spiral Mixer

Model: GC-1144
Dimension: 545 x 907 x 1029/1414 mm
Capacity: 25 KG
Designed for heavy dough for mass production.
2 speed timer motor.
Easy unloading.
Interlocked bowl guard switch.
Different sizes available.

Model: PEB 80MS
Dimension: 1305 x 730 x 1460 mm
Capacity: 80 kg
2 speeds.
2 motors (bowl & tool).
2 timers.
Automatic change of operating speeds.
Electronic control panel.
Bowl reverser switch.

Model: HL17010K
Dimension: 480 x 740 x 850
Capacity: 20 Kg
Powerful 2-motor.
High efficiency 2-speed.
2 rotary directions.
Increased durability & strength with thicker spiral agitators.
Overload relay to protect the components.
SS steel safety guard.
Baked coated for long lasting.